Little update!

I’m alive everyone!

When I posted about taking a huge break I totally meant it. It felt good to not worry about writing while enjoying time with the family.

Anywho I wanted to just give you all a Nelson update:

We are in the process of closing on the selling of our home and also the purchase of a home. If you haven’t followed me on Instagram @shefoundgrace you wouldn’t of known it. But yes we put our home up for sale last Thursday and it sold in one day and a half! We also found a home further up north and we are so excited to have land! Our predicted closing day is set for February 9th 2018 (obviously) so we are just needing to get passed the appraisal and we start packing!

All this is so exciting you guys!!!

It’s been our dream to own land and live off of it for so long and now it might happen. The way things happens we’re so weird and smooth that we feel it was the right time for sure.

An update on homeschool:

Since Christmas we’ve had maybe 10 days of school due to renovating our floors and kitchen and all the house stuff going on. But we’re so flexible and love that we get to be. Still loving our curriculum and excited to finally settle down and get a full swing on History and Science. We mainly focus on Math, reading, English, spelling and lots of playing right now.

Update on my husbands heath:

He’s doing pretty amazing, sticking to AIP (autoimmune paleo) and functional medicine has been an answered prayer! Always thanking God for carrying him this far.

Update on TTC:

Because of everything going on we have decided (it could change) to wait until the end of this year to try for baby Nelson 4. Obviously if it happens before then it’s awesome since we’re not interrupting the process with any kind of birth control. We are actually going with NFP (natural family planning) I had my first positive ovulation tests. So that’s a good thing I guess. Haha.

Update on the kiddos:

Doing super well thank God and thriving. No sickness in our home in over 15 months! Taking a natural approach to medicine here is paying off. Also Evelyn turned 10!!!! Jan 10th and it was exciting.

Well now I guess I should share some pictures!

Our Christmas picture 2017

Happy birthday Evelyn!!

little snippet of homeschool and having a small baby. Haha

Love you all and God bless you all!!!

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