Prayers for my oldest

I get asked what a prayer for my children looks like, or what exactly it is I pray when I do for my children so I decided that for the next three days I was going to share a picture of one of my kiddos with a caption of what I pray.

We have to remember that praying for our children is vital and it’s something we must do! Now it’s not that I have the right way of praying but having an example always help.

Ultimately, God wants to hear your words!

Today it’s for my oldest, Evelyn.

Took this picture yesterday as we enjoyed the outdoors and the small amount of sunshine the northwest is giving us. As I watched my oldest play, with eyes wide opened I prayed for her. I prayed that her heart may always be open to rebuke and comfort from the Holy Spirit. That she may always run to Jesus and if she ever strayed that the Holy spirit may always stir her heart. That she may be quick to repent and always want to please the Lord like King David. That she may save herself for marriage and see the importance of her beautiful virginity and not throw it away. That her future husband may love the Lord and be a great provider, hard working for my daughter and children and a leader of their children. That he gives us the privilege of knowing him as a young man. I asked the lord to create a heart in her to seek wisdom and that she may be the head and not the tail, a leader and not a follower. I prayed that she may always get caught when she sins agains God. Above everything that she may choose Jesus as her personal savior each and every day.

What do you pray over your children?

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