Prayers for my second born

Day two of prayers for my children:

When I pray for each and everyone of my children, I don’t just pray the same thing. I really try to learn who my children are and what they are struggling with and I truly try to celebrate their strengths.

So when I pray for Sadie I do just that.

I ask the Lord to watch over her, to watch over her heart, to protect her eyes from evil since she has a vivid imagination, because of that if she were to be able to witness anything she should not… it would be one a very real struggle with pictures in her mind. I ask the lord to give me wisdom to mold her strong character for his glory. I ask that he help me to be there for her and to not let me miss opportunities to give her love. I ask that he gives her a teachable spirit and to help her see just how wonderfully she was made. I ask that she would be a leader and not a follower. The head and not the tail. Praying constantly over the man she will marry, that he may be understanding and loving. A provider and most importantly a man after his heart. In Jesus name I ask the Lord to bless her hard work and guide her every step in life. That she may always be quick to repent and always want to do good. Constantly asking the lord to put the right people in her path and to give her strength when she’s tempted. That she may know just smart she is! That she may experience a super natural love from God.

What are some ways you want God to help you with your strong will child?

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