Prayers for my youngest (so far)

When we pray for our children not only do we not want to repeat ourselves aimlessly, we must know our children and what they need prayer for but also we must pray for our children’s future.

Today I’m letting you all take a small peek of how I pray for our 9 month old son. Though he’s little and I yet have to know his tendencies and where he is struggling I can still pray for him.

When I pray for him I always thank God for a this new baby and thank him for the ability to carry this child. I pray and ask the lord to bless the womb of mothers who’s desires are to have inheritance from him. I know that the Lord already knows how Desmond will be as a person, though I don’t know where he will be weak… he knows already. Though I don’t know what his strengths are yet… he knows already. Though I don’t know where life will take him, what he will do with his life… he already knows. So I ask the Lord to bless his life, to give him the privilege of living a long and meaningful life after Jesus. As a future husband I always ask the Lord to give us wisdom to raise a man who will be hardworking, faithful and loving, humble and after his heart just like I I dated for his sisters. That Desmond will choose to love the Lord, to seek him as he will be the head of his home. That’s the Lord will bless him with a wife who will love my son and care for him and be the helper he needs. That he ay choose to save himself for his wife and his wife for him. That they can both raise not just children but fruitful children. That the Lord may set his path in line and that Desmond may be wise enough to see it and walk it in faith. I constantly ask the lord to help me not miss the things that Desmond will need help with. To see the struggles and to see his achievements. That the lord watches over him from a young age. That he may see the importance in leading a home and not leaning on his own leadership and understanding. That Desmond will seek to do good with his hands and kind and if he falls in to sin that he may be quick to repent and come back to the Lord. I thank the Lord for Desmond.

How do you pray for your sons?

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