How to make motherhood easier..

I woke up and I instantly was frustrated. Not because I woke up on the wrong side of the bed but because my room was a mess. Because everywhere I looked… there was mess. I’m a clean person but somehow every single day was the same mess. No matter how late I stayed up to clean.. it was the same thing over and over again and I’ve had enough.

Now, today I want to share a well known secret.

How to make motherhood just a little bit easier.


How do we do that? Well from the title of this post, you know what it will be about.

Going back to the beginning of this blog, I had just about screamed my heart out when it clicked.


So I did.

I spent almost all my time cleaning and next thing you knew? It was dinner time and I hadn’t spent a single hour with my children. I mean, sure I spoke to them and we laughed and hugged but I didn’t actually play or had the time because my house needed to be picked up. I’m a firm believer in leading by example and for our home just letting it all pile up sky high, doesn’t fly. But also knowing when to leave the dishes to play is a must but with everything I had to do it seemed impossible. So on that morning I remember saying enough! I’m done!

I woke up, fed my kiddos and told them to meet me upstairs. Armed with huge black garbage bags I declared “declutter day”. And that’s exactly what it became.

I took on 1-2 rooms a day.

I had a donation bag and a throw away bag. I also posted for sale tons of stuff (easily made $300) I cleared my schedule that whole week and took on every. Single. Room. In the house. Everything had to have a place or it was gone. Everything had to have a purpose or it went bye bye. No hiding stuff, no shoving stuff in drawers.

It took me 5 days to go through all my closets, drawers, bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs. We donated loads of clothes that didn’t fit. We kept 15 outfits for each child. Hello, less laundry. I kept 5 pairs of jeans, 5 sweats,4 pairs of shoes, 2 jackets, 6 shirts and 4 sweatshirts. Ive never been huge on shopping anyways.

Next we took on the family room, dinning room , living room and last the kitchen. Old dishes? Got to go. I went through all our containers. Tons of tops were missing so I donated almost everything. I used the money I made from selling stuff to replace my missing containers. We love glass.

It took a total of 2 whole weeks and 3 van full trips to goodwill but we were done!

Our home looked spotless and decluttered.

What once took me 2-3 hours of cleaning a day now took us 30 min a day! Those piles of laundry? No problem. We did one load every 3rd day now! And yes, we wash, dry, fold and put the clothes away as it comes out so it doesn’t just sit there.

So friend, if you want to make motherhood easier on yourself? THROW IT ALL AWAY. Declutter and live simply.

Your children will thank you for it, your time will thank you for it, you will be thankful for it!!

You don’t need a fancy schedule, just take on one room a day and do it well. Trust me when I say, that living simply has been a huge gift to my family, and you can also have that!

Motherhood should be enjoyable not a stressful task filled with housework and tears willed with frustration because we just can’t seem to finish to spend time with the kids.


Trust me you’ll thank me later 😊

6 thoughts on “How to make motherhood easier..”

  1. Yes! We’re doing this all the time in our house. Just far too much stuff for one child – so much in fact, before birthdays and Christmas we send loads of stuff to charity. It’s the only way! 😀


  2. Perfect timing for this post! I commented on Instagram, but I even ended up fighting with my husband (the root was mainly my frustration with the endless laundry, dishes, picking up, etc after a long work day etc etc) I swore I was gonna purge EVERYTHING. Might not purge EVERYTHING but I did clean out a LOT and your post motivated me to do some more and to list some things for sale. Enjoy the freedom!!!


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