Why being busy is hurting you


Life can get so crazy sometimes… all the time. With all the rushing and busy schedules that we shouldn’t have, we find ourselves in a place where we feel so lost. Without peace. Do you feel so overwhelmed? Like you want to run away from all the noise? Like you just.cant.do it anymore?


You need simplicity and un busyness.

We live in a society where busy is so heavily praised and I’m here to tell you that it’s a huge lie.

Busy doesn’t equal holy or better

We have been lied to… again. One of societies biggest lies amongst the 63,636 others; is that being busy creates success or value.

I know that people work, that people have responsibilities but what are we doing after those things are done?

Whatever happened to the days we simply took the time to breath in and out. To stop and smell the flowers. To say no to a schedule and yes to playing with your kiddos, yes to meeting up with a friend, yes to your husbands touch? Yes to helping others? The times where we were not rules by keeping our children entertained but rather simply enjoying the stillness of what is life? And teaching them that it’s ok to do…. nothing sometimes. This is another reason our new generation of children are “bored” even though there’s so much to enjoy.

** disclaimer**

This by no means, says it’s ok to be lazy because we know that we need to be diligent. This is about using our time so well, that we allow God to give us that schedule that allows us to enjoy the stillness of what he created and opportunities to slow down. To enjoy relaxing. To be ok with taking the time to teach our children that busy isn’t better.

Can I tell you that it is still possible?

It requires us to say NO and to step back and think about what we can give up to have a time to enjoy the simple things. What sport can your children give up to actually be a family and not play family. What can you give up for something better.

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it’s been to have a schedule that doesn’t rule over me.

Did you read that right? I have a schedule, but it does not rule over me. I allow huge gaps of time in my day to allow interruptions from family and friends and give God the control to my day.

If I had a penny for every time I heard people say , “I’m just sooo busy I haven’t had time to ________”.

To busy to:

  • Pray
  • Read their bible
  • Play with their kids
  • Help others
  • To hold hands
  • To read a good book
  • To eat a salad
  • To take a walk
  • To listen to a song and sing along
  • To see family

And many more things. I’dbe rich.

I get it, life is busy… but there are many things that hold us back from allowing interruption in to our day. Allowing God to set up his plans.

It’s so sad to see that church people don’t fellowship anymore because they are in a rush to leave the church to go throw on some sweats. It’s sad that we don’t invite people to our home to share a meal. It’s sad that we are far to busy to let God work in our lives.

When people want to hangout, I’m always ready.

I realized that people aren’t me and it’s hard to find people who are ready but I am still always text away, a phone call away. If you live near? I’m a few miles away.

One of the best things I’ve done is, stop praising being busy and allow my day to be opened after obviously tending to my home. Simply living. That’s what we’re missing in today’s society. People who step back and say “no” I can go without that sport. I can go without this hobby this week, I can skip this weekends gym to host a dinner. I can use my phone wisely to receive calls to see how someone is doing. I can take 5 min to respond to that text. That’s what we’re missing.

That’s what I gave up and I’m glad I did.

Slow down, revisit your “schedule”, allow God to help you make a schedule that doesn’t rule over you.

Then? Enjoy life, your kids, your husband, walk, a book, a phone call, a dinner you host… and GOD!

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