It’s a new season of life and why I’m calling it quits for a while.

Hey people!!

I hope you all find yourself well, I wanted to share some awesome news.

If you haven’t been following me on Instagram , feel free to watch my new Video to understand this blog post please.

The days seem to be slow paced here. Though I have much to do I find, there are so many more hours to the day.

Time to sit in daddy’s recliner and sow away as the snow falls down. Time to play in the snow without a care

Time to care for livestock

With all the things I need to do I find it that it’s not those things I need to do (unpack and clean up since we decluttered a ton and minimized) that steals my time but it’s my unwise way of using my phone.

I use to say that “I didn’t spend to much on my phone and that my days are far to short” but I also came to realize that since I downloaded an app called “memories” to keep track of how much I use my phone I was taken away by the amount of Hours a day I was on it. It tracks every time you even pick it up. The small amounts you’re on it and add it all up.

Guys I’m ashamed to post these screen shots but I know that it will hold me accountable. All this isn’t in one sitting but throughout the day. Random bathroom checks and random un-necessary internet searches … it hit me like a ton of bricks.

**spoiler alert if you haven’t watched my video**

One reason we moved here is because we wanted a slow pace life, simple and to connect to nature more and now that we have it… I refuse to regress to this again. So knowing all that, I’ll be taking a pretty long break from all social media, BUT DONT WORRY I will be taking pictures and I’ll write my blogs and record videos. When I feel led to open up my social media again I will have tons to share.

This habit/addiction needs to be broken and I can’t do it on my own. I need Jesus to help me learn how to balance but I feel led to complete turn it all off for now.

Thank you everyone.


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