Have you heard “Reckless love of God?”. Here’s my version.

I was in the car with my children on our way to music school, when the radio played a certain song that's pretty popular right now and for good reason. Have you heard "Reckless love" by Cory Asbury? It just broke me in to a million pieces. I tried to hide it so my children… Continue reading Have you heard “Reckless love of God?”. Here’s my version.

Homeschool curriculum review: “The good and the beautiful.”

Today I wanted to share with you guys a review that I've so long waited to share! Homeschool curriculum review: Language arts. "The good and the beautiful" Specifically: 3rd grade It comes with: Course companion Challenge words 2 favorite classics readers 1 student course book Let's look at some pictures so you can get a… Continue reading Homeschool curriculum review: “The good and the beautiful.”

Never forgetting where I came from.

Have you guys ever just sat back and watched your life play out? Have you guys ever sat back and thought about how far you've come? I'm that person. I constantly sit back and remember. When I look back at my childhood, I NEVER thought that I would be where I am. I am an… Continue reading Never forgetting where I came from.

1 easy way to simplify your walk with Jesus and why it might hurt your feelings

Correction. It feels terrible sometimes. But the Bible says it's GOOD! The Bible says that those that the Lord loves, he disciplines right? Many times it hurts our feelings when we are corrected, err I should say our ego. But I really want to share, One way that hurting your feelings will simplify your walk… Continue reading 1 easy way to simplify your walk with Jesus and why it might hurt your feelings

He is alive!

Today is a marvelous day, we rejoice in the power of the resurrection. We rejoice knowing that he defeated death and in Jesus Christ we are made new. We are forgiven and loved. He gave his life so that you and I may one day have the privilege of seeing the one who created us.… Continue reading He is alive!