In sickness or in health.. praying over your husbands over all health.

Marriage, it’s beautiful and challenging.

For rich or for poor, in health and in sickness.

I recently asked my husband chop down some trees in our front yard to open up the sky more so our garden could get more sun. As I watched him work with a smile on his face.. I thanked God.

Not for the trees being cut, or the garden, but for my husbands ability to walk and move.

If you’re new to this blog, welcome and I want to share this with you.

If you’re not then you know exactly why I thanked God for his ability to move.

I remember when my husband was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) last year on the day of the celebration of Desmond’s baby shower. I remember getting a phone call that my husband was admitted to the emergency room in another state. Not far from us but because of what was going on it took him else where that wasn’t in our state. My heart hurt. We stopped our celebration and my mother stayed home with my daughters and my MIL and I drove to see my husband.. her son.

Anxiously sitting in the car while having to drive out far to the hospital to see him, my mind was numb. He had been at work where his legs had given out and had fallen. His body from the neck down was numb and he could not see well from one eye.

I remember watching him… in that hospital gown all hooked up to many devices. I remember walking in with my big belly.. from the look in his eyes I knew it wasn’t what we expected. I can see he was fighting back tears and trying to be strong so I wouldn’t see the worry, but I excused myself and cried in the bathroom.

When I came back to the room, he held my hand and told me that God would sustain him and he has faith that he would be ok.

The dr said he has lesions on his brain and back that seems old meaning he’s had MS for a few years now but something happened in his life that triggered this one flare up to make it known. His strength and his smile eased my mind and I felt peace in my heart but I couldn’t help but feel so sad. How? How can he have this debilitating thing?!

People go blind, they use wheelchairs and never walk again after the first 5 years of being diagnosed. Reading that broke me and I just couldn’t imagine him not waking and running around with our children. The long hikes, the short walk he loved dearly. I just didn’t want to think to much about it but every time I woke up… there is was, (Yet another reason why he quit his 5 year career, the stress cause crazy flares and sickness that he no longer has since quitting) stress is a killer.

For weeks I felt we were in this show where someone would pop out and say, “just kidding” but no one jumped out to yell that.

We realized we can either trust God or stay scared. We could choose to keep my husband at his successful career because we needed the money but cause that stress or trust God would provide a job that didn’t kill him all while having enough to live.

It’s been a year and I’ll say that everyday I thank God for my husbands ability to see, to walk and to move. I won’t take that for granted.

We right away found a natural way to deal with his flare ups. Food is medicine. We did our part and God is doing the rest.

Today I want to urge you to pray over your husbands health. To pray over his job, his mind, his peace, his stress, his salvation, his heart.

Don’t take him for granted. Pray and love on that leader.

8 thoughts on “In sickness or in health.. praying over your husbands over all health.”

  1. I am so happy for your little family in where you’re at now friend. I couldn’t imagine being where you are with facing that but you have did it so gracefully and such a faithful testimony that inspires us all! I know if I ever face something like this with my husband I will have a story to remember to be brave and full of faith like you!!


  2. Awee this was beautiful. Thank you Ana for sharing a part of your life so intimate and yet can be sooo helpful to other Christian wives as Godly advice. It is true (Be still and know that I am God) that our falleness causes us to be “scared” but God wants us as Christians to learn to trust him. We need to remind ourselves that he is Soveirgn and whether good or bad; he promises he will work everything out for our good. Let’s pray everyday that God will give us strength to live for his glory and that he will search our hearts and find any grevious way in us and lead us into everlasting. I cried reading this besucase I have taken my wonderful husband for granted. We need to pray for them because they are our leader, provider, and we are one with them. Let’s never take our husbands for granted and daily pray for God to shower them with wisdom, guide there steps, and above all save them. Thank you again Ana and may God abundantly shower your marriage with ever blessing in the heavenly realms and may he also graciously bless you with a healthy, happy, and long Christ centered marriage for his glory ❤️


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