Why we’re skipping the co-op & “socializing” this year

I thought long and hard about this "issue", you know the one where people say homeschoolers are not socialized. How they are super weird and awkward... when you mention homeschooling that's the first thing people ask about but it's the last thing I think about. Now don't get me wrong, children need interaction and the… Continue reading Why we’re skipping the co-op & “socializing” this year

Then there were 6…. guess what?!

Well the cat is out of the bag, we are officially expecting baby #4! I posted a pregnancy test video on my vlog along with a pregnancy announcement for my family and you can check it all out there. We are so super excited for this new adventure and as always we pray the Lord… Continue reading Then there were 6…. guess what?!

Letting your husband make the decision, even when it’s scary.

My husband has always been a “jump in both feet and figure it out” type person and that’s why we seem to always have stuff happening. I must admit that I too am this way and many times I’ve had to take a step back and really think about what we’re about to jump in… Continue reading Letting your husband make the decision, even when it’s scary.

Homeschool resource, why you need this!

Ok so I need to hop on here real quick to share with you all an amazing homeschool resource for your littles! I don't know about you but I love fun colorful pages with amazing animations that captures the attention of a child and that teach them valuable skills. Today I wanted to share with… Continue reading Homeschool resource, why you need this!