Letting your husband make the decision, even when it’s scary.

My husband has always been a “jump in both feet and figure it out” type person and that’s why we seem to always have stuff happening.

I must admit that I too am this way and many times I’ve had to take a step back and really think about what we’re about to jump in to.

Many, many times, I’ve felt like it’s not the thing to do, then my husband declares that it is… what’s a wife to do?!

When this happens I always sit down and talk to him about why he

believes this is what we must do… then I tell him why I think it’s not.

Then we pray and ask God to make a way or close the door. Many times it takes months, even years but my opinion is heard and we listen for God to answer.

People think that by being the wife you must submit no matter how bad a decision is (if your husband is leading you to sin, please let it be known that will take no part of it. That’s not submission) and that’s far from the truth. Then there’s people who think you should stand your ground and not let the husband make a choice (women tend to want control in everything… it’s our curse) that’s wrong too.

As Christian wives we have to trust that God is leading our husbands but that we also have our hearts and minds to share.

I will say that the small decisions made around here are usually mine to make. But the big huge ones that stress me, my husband has made 100%.

So next time your husband wants to chase a dream, pray about it before you shut him down before you start coming up with your reasons why it’s not what you must do out of fear.

Trust me… every time my husband has made a decision, it has always been a blessing. Not always easy, but always a blessing.

Recently my husband has mentioned that he doesn’t see us living in the NW forever and my first thought is… oh Lord.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and prayIt’s always an adventure around here.

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