Amazing news from, “The good and the beautiful” homeschool curriculum you DON’T want to miss! This is how you can help us

I’m so extremely excited, if you follow my blog or social media you’ll know that our family homeschools.

When we decided to homeschool we knew that we wanted our children to experience a rich education surrounded by great reading. Not just any reading, I mean good, reading that touches the soul as we get to experience all the main characters go through. So I started researching on classic books that teach not only a good lesson but that will be with my kiddos forever. As I dove in both feet I quickly realized that there were a few books that I just simply couldn’t find because they were no longer sold or even printed. And if they were printed… the copy was well over $100!

Let’s cut to the chase shall we? I found not only 1, but 16 amazing lost classics all in one place!

What’s the place?

The good and the beautiful curriculum.

Today, July 9th, 2018 they have brought back 16 classics that are either super hard to find or not printed at all.

You don’t have to worry about having to check to see if there are terrible things in your child’s next book; you don’t have to pay $100 (thank goodness) and you don’t have to go crazy trying to find some of the best, and richest novels on different websites!

It’s all here!

You guys and the price?!

The most expensive one is, the price you probably pay for your coffee… $8.99. Unfortunately yes I’ve heard of people spending that in bean water haha. Well regardless this is a great price!

This is what they are saying about this:

 “For us, this has been a labor of love. We have taken old books that are extremely hard or impossible to find and reprinted them with new, beautiful covers! They are full of beautiful and wholesome literature that teaches good values and puts beauty into the minds of children. “

“These books are amazing but somehow have fallen to the side and were no longer being printed, until now! Many of these books are so rare and hard to find that the few that were available cost hundreds of dollars. They will now be available for only $5-$10–true good and beautiful style–beautiful, inexpensive, and high-quality.”

“Our goal is to get these books back into the world and we’d love your help. Releasing this product line has required huge amounts of time and funds. We hope to print many more but we need to sell enough of the ones we’ve already completed to fund more.”

If you care about your kiddos, if you love reading, heck you have no need to be a homeschooler. If you simply want to keep rich, beautiful novels alive we would LOVE your help in buying just ONE (or all 16 if you’re like me) to help them to continue printing wonderful books.

Are you in?

All you have to do is go to their website and look at their their library!

When this curriculum reached out to me I was more then happy to help them spread the word. I mean, before they even messaged me I had already owned their language arts, and two history curriculums!

I stand behind this faith based curriculum 100% and I’m not even getting paid money for this. All I’m doing is simply spreading the word as I get to read their 16 wonderful books!

So let’s go help this growing curriculum so they can keep printing classics. 📚

Thank you guys!

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