Gender reveal for baby 4…

Guess what everyone ?

If you aren’t following along on my Instagram you missed it!

We found out that our #4 baby is a….


We are so happy to welcome baby girl to our family!

This will probably get old for you guys, but for me this is insane! I’m a mother of 4.

I can’t believe it still, my husband and I thought we were done having children soon after our second baby was born and got a vasectomy. We thought for sure that we were done, we wanted to give our children all the things in the world so to do that we couldn’t have more children… so we thought. We wanted to travel more and having more children would hinder our chances plus it was going to be expensive so the logical thing to do was to stop having children. I hear this all the time. Maybe for some it might be something they don’t regret, for us, 4 years later a desire for children grew in my soul as I got older and realized material possessions weren’t the meaning of life. We especially realized that giving our children the world wasn’t what we thought. In those 4 years we didn’t even travel. At all. So there went our theory haha

One night my husband came to me and told me he wished we could have more children and my heart skipped what seemed a beat because I hadn’t shared that desire with him, I simply prayed for a desire to grow in him. And so the search was on for a miracle.

We found a Dr. in Oklahoma who’s ministry was to reverse vasectomies. For a fraction of the cost and so we booked it.

Shortly after we took a home test to see if the reversal had worked and it said 0% chance. I was devastated and gave up the idea of it ever happening so I went on with life just to get a big surprise 4 months later. Desmond was on his way and now our 4th baby.

We’ve come so far mentally and spiritually and we are so thankful that we were able to add more blessings to our family. Have we traveled with more kids now? We’ve traveled more now that we have a bigger family and my husband and I always laugh. We do a lot more now and are able to gift our children amazing experiences now that we have a bigger family.

I’ll never take it for granted. I always think back on this quote

“don’t raise your kids to have more than you had, raise them to be more than you were”.

So here I am… a mom of 4.

Thank you Jesus.

Our story is a crazy long one that I wouldn’t change for the world.

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