What’s our homeschool schedule look like this year and the change I was lead to make.

When it comes to homeschooling, you can take many approaches and I think that’s what’s so beautiful about this lifestyle.

  • Gosh there are people who do:
    • 7 days a week (short hours)
      5 days a week (6 hours)
      5 days a week (short hours)
      4 days a week (long hours)
      4 days a week (short hours)
      Every other day
      5 weeks on, 1 week off
      Saturday and Sundays off
      Public school schedule
      Year round school
      Dad’s wacky schedule
  • There are so many, I might have forgotten some. So many, that people often ask me, what is your schedule like?, how many hours a day does your work take?.”
  • I don’t know about you but when I first started my journey to homeschooling I asked so many moms what their homeschool day looked like. To get an idea of what maybe I could do. An idea as of what exactly I will be getting myself into. Always asking and learning. Maybe that’s you too?
  • What’s our schedule this year?
  • So this school year (we are 5 weeks in) I kinda started off like I did the year before and did 5 days a week for about 4.5-5 hours. Not really thinking twice about changing it, until I started to realize we were missing time to do more projects. More time to truly connect and not just “school”, time for field trips, time to really seek what our gifts are, and taking time to practice what we love. Time to explore new skill we really wish to learn and to actually have time to perfect it. Time to just relax and read and play. Time to tackle our big home projects. Time for me to sit down and knock out blogs and videos for my social media. Just TIME.
  • All these things get easily thrown in the back burner for us. So we desperately needed this time thing figured out.
  • Now, my children are young at only age 10 and 8 ( plus a 17 month old boy) but they are at an age where they are sponges and they yearn to learn weird/cool/fun skills and I want that for them. I want them to take this time to learn as much skills as they want so when they are older and need to truly focus to graduate and really truly focus on what needs to get done… they don’t have to go crazy trying to squeeze in a new skill. Im sure they will be older and learning new skills but I want them to be in a position where they are older and know what they love to do. Though we all never stop wanting to learn a new skill I think you understand what I’m saying. I want them to be able to have these young years to discover and gain tons of skills they are interested in. I wish I would of had this opportunity when I was young. I wanted to learn instruments, I wanted to ice skate, I wanted to do gymnastics but instead I waited until I was older and it never really stuck. Anyways you get what I’m saying.
  • With all that being said, I decided to try a “4 day school week and take Friday as our “hobby day/home day”. Friday’s we focus on reading, writing, and arithmetic. However along with that we took the rest of the day to do music, paint for hours, and search up ways we can get ahold of the girls desired skills. So we loved it and we were doing this for 4 weeks before I was hit with an “idea”.
  • After praying I just felt like, I should take a whole week to allow these things to truly become a life giving gift. To truly allow those God given desires, and talents to develop. To take a time to work as a family on projects, experiments, to go volunteer. To truly have the time to love these ideas. Also to love on our home by cleaning and decluttering, and getting things done that we usually can’t get to until a huge break. I also want to use that week so I can start writing more, to reach out to more people, and to make more YouTube content.
  • So I decided to do 4 weeks of school; 5 days a week, short hours. Then take that 5th week and have a hobby/skill/break. Since we do year round school, the amount of days my state requires are completely met AND still have some left to enjoy.

  • I’m so excited because the first week of October will be our first week off and it just so happens there are three amazing opportunities for us that very week.. only that week. I had jotted that week down before I was given these opportunities! Now that’s amazing and confirming for this choice. I thought I was just brilliant for this idea, nope, I’m not the first. Turns out many, many mothers choose this schedule and love it. So this is our schedule.
  • How many hours a day do I teach?
  • As far as how long our school day takes? I’d say we start around 9am the latest, and we usually finish absolutely everything by 2:30pm. Some days we take less time depending on what material we need to get done. That’s 5.5 hours a day!
  • That includes small breaks, and lunch.
  • It includes (in order):
    • Bible
      Breakfast/audio book
      Language Arts
      Break 30 min/snack
      Desmond’s nap/science or history (each 2x a week)
      Free time 1 hour
  • Some days it’s more depending on the girls and how much they are into a lesson. I don’t close a book if I see they are completely in love with what we are learning. I allow them to set the pace.
  • That’s it!
  • So our schedule this year is different but I’m so excited to give it a try. I’m so excited to find out if this work for us and run with it.
  • There is so much freedom in homeschooling, use it! Remember to allow your curriculum to help you not rule you. I’ll always choose a whole day of reading over checking off my list on a curriculum. Build that love for learning at a young age, not list checking. Trust me, the time will come when all that character training, all those long hours of reading and snuggling will pay off. The time will come when they will have to choose to use it to buckle down and chase their choice of career.
  • Enjoy it!
  • Free time around here is tending to a garden that deer ate completely. It’s chasing chickens. It’s drawing and painting for an hour. It’s time playing hot wheels. Enjoy it.
  • 4 thoughts on “What’s our homeschool schedule look like this year and the change I was lead to make.”

    1. “Remember to allow your curriculum to help you not rule you.” I loved this and needed the reminder. I’m still learning to be flexible and make lessons out of the “interruptions” to my curriculum and plans. Thanks for the inspiration!


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