Walking with the Lord as our children watch

Good morning!!!!! ☀️ It’s a whole new day and I am so thankful for the breath in my lungs.

Wanna know what else I’m thankful for?

Being able to see my youngest (so far) learn to pray. 😭 as soon as we say “thank you Jesus”, he puts his little hands together and closes his eyes and waits for us to say, AMEN! Well I mean he peeks most the time but hey, it’s a start.

In our home we all pray together and it’s just something we all have done and it’s something we all look forward to after a quick family wrestling match.

There’s so much power in how we walk out our Christian lives as parents. Children do what we do not always what we say.

Do you want your children to walk with the Lord?

You, yourself walk with the lord.

Want your children to speak with love?

Then YOU speak with love.

Our children are desperate for godly examples and it’s our God given duty to walk with the Lord as our children watch us.

Today make the choice to allow the Holy Spirit to change you, to mold you, and lead you. Don’t do it for show, I mean really, truly, want that for YOUR life and you’ll see how your children will start noticing.

So today, I encourage you to walk with the Lord, to put on some worship music, lift up your hands and praise his because he is worthy of all praise!!! Take those 5 min to read your bible, even better? Read it with your children as they color. THANK YOU JESUS FOR TODAY.


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