Adeline’s homebirth

I’ve been away for some time now from my blog due to life out here being so busy. But I wanted to share with you all the blessing of our baby girl. The same way I shared my first homebirth with Desmond I wanted to share the birth of our daughter.

As most of you guys know, we announced the coming of our 4th baby this year (this will be our second baby after our vasectomy reversal ) in February.

On February 4th, 2019: 39 weeks and 3 days Miss Adeline Rose Nelson made her way earth side in the most amazing way. 7pounds 6 oz and 19 inches long.


I’ve shared on my Instagram that I tend to have my babies at 38-39 weeks.

My body didn’t let me down, giving birth around that time once more.

I woke up February 4th, early around 7am because I had to use the restroom. I woke up a bit crampy so at 8am I messaged my midwife that I was a bit crampy like the day I gave birth to my son. She then told me to rest and see if the cramping went away if I drank water and rested. She sent me a message requesting a text around 10 am to see how I was. I asked her if she could see me that afternoon instead of my appointment the next morning and she told me to wait till 10am. So I layed down for a good hour and the cramping didn’t ease up, instead they intensified and by 9:40am I was having manageable cramps 15 min apart.

I then proceeded to let my husband know that it’s better if he stayed home. He was all sorts of giddy and he started to prepare the house with the kiddos cleaning, and making sure all was taken care of. My two older girls were so excited to know that theirs sister might join us soon.

Our plan was to hopefully have either my mom or middle sister come over to watch our toddler Desmond. So when I called my mother she was calling her co-workers to see who would cover for her.

After that was settled I sent my midwife a  screenshot of my contraction timer and she told me to let her know when they were 5 min apart. I was so confused because she’s an hour away and 5 minutes apart was not enough time but I was far to invested into relaxing in the hot water to argue. I grabbed some of my citrus fresh essential oil from YL and rubbed it on myself for a little mood lift as I waited the cramps off in the hot water .

I got out of the tub around 10am due to my cramps getting significantly stronger and I could feel them getting closer. I put on my fancy cactus moomoo the hubby had bought be earlier that week and started to prep my birthing place. Next to our window looking out on to our beautiful view. It just so happens that that this very morning was the first snowfall of the year with a snow storm on its way. A weeks long snow storm.


Christopher (the hubby) put on a movie for the kids while I got out of the tub and placed towels on the floor of our bedroom to try to find my laboring position. This was again on all fours like I did when I had my son but there was something different about this birth that even on my most comfortable position I was feeling mentality defeated already. I had no idea how much longer I had left to stretch before baby girl was born. All I knew is that I would say, “Go,” and my husband would use my phone to time my every contraction hoping for a pattern. Sure enough at 10am they were 5 min apart so my husband messaged my midwife and they calmly told us that they has already left and we’re on their one hour drive here.

I took off my underwear to labor in my long comfy cactus shirt and the only ease I found was wrapping my arms around my husband’s waist as he sat in front of me and I leaned hard and deep on to his lap and he would rub my lower back. A few times my kiddos would come in to support me by trading spots with Daddy as I wrapped my arms around their small body and kissed them.

I tried so hard to focus but my contractions were very real and seemed to give me no break. 10:50am came around and no sign of my midwife. My contractions were now 3 min apart . They were 2 minutes long with a 30-40 seconds of a smaller contraction and back to a 2 minute long contraction that took my breath away. I had no rest in-between them, I was slowly losing energy due to the fact that everything was moving so fast. I hadn’t had breakfast, I hardly drank water. This labor was hard and fast. I was not mentally prepared for this.

At 11am my husband reached for the phone one last time to let my midwife know that I was in the toilet and in transition. We were notified that they were almost here and to put them on speakerphone when I started pushing.

I felt like I had to use the restroom so I quickly sat on the toilet, legs spread open and finding only comfort by pulling on to the towel that was hanging near the toilet on the towel rack. I felt the need to push and that’s when I heard my water break and right after that my body pushed all on its own and I had a choice to make .

Either I, go with my body and surrender to the pushing and breath this baby out or I can tense up making it all worse. So I chose to  take a deep breath and allow my body to surrender to the intensity of the pain. All I remember is hearing my midwife on the phone asking if everything was ok when my husband drops the phone and says, “I see her head babe, you got this, I see her, her face, come on babe!!!!!!!”. I remember muttering the sentence, “I can not do this anymore.” Feeling so tired and defeated. My mom sends us a message saying she can come in a few hours. Not knowing that she was just about to miss the event . All while this is happening my husband reached underneath my bottom with one hand and pulls me up so baby isn’t born inside the toilet and with the other hand catches our daughter! I open my eyes and there in front of me stood my daughters, my son, my husband, and in his arms our Adeline. He then quickly rubs her fragile back covered in beautiful baby frosting aka Vernix and  as soon as he hears her cry he hands her over to me. With such amazement in his eyes of what we had just done together.  There, all on our own, in the bathroom we welcomed our 4th baby. Together as a family.


11:04am she was in my arms and at 11:05am my midwife was heard pulling up to my driveway and running to where I was. She was so close but unfortunately didn’t make it.


We had an accidental free birth or unassisted birth but it was beautiful. My husband was completely invested in to the moment and delivered our baby himself. It was amazing.

This was all we were able to get thanks to my quick thinking Evelyn. Had she not taken my phone we would have 0 videos. Thank you sweet girl.

So there it is. My 2.5 hour labor story of miss Adeline Rose. Thank you Jesus for helping me through this and for a wonderful support system of a family you gave me.





Welcome to our family sweet baby girl Addy.

Thank you Jesus.

8 thoughts on “Adeline’s homebirth”

  1. This made me cry! How beautiful! That is so precious and I’m sure it will be a story to tell forever that her daddy delivered her. Your amazing for doing another home birth and a great example of just how strong our bodies are.


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