My “ME”, time… Isn’t yours.

My face when people tell me that I need to find some, “me, time. When people tell me to have weekly date nights. My face when people suggest I should send my kids to public school so I can have more free time to make ,” me”, happy. Though they mean well, and I believe it’s needed… It’s not needed right now in my life. When I say this so many mom’s think I’m lying. Truly I’m not. Every person is different. You need it? Cool. I don’t right now. At least not the type of self care or me time many show that it is.

There’s a time and place for everything. Even your self care. It’s different for everyone.

I have a 1 month old, a toddler, two older gals, and things to do. My self care at this time that truly benefits me is sleeping. It’s eating healthier, it’s slowing down to hug and snuggle my littles and bigs. Date nights? It’s not realistic. Not for us. Not right now. Stop telling me that my marriage will fail of I don’t go out every week. Thankfully my husband agrees with this and isn’t needing weekly dates. Sending my kids to school so I have more free time? No. They have been given to ME. I’m capable, I’m smart enough, and I’m willing. They aren’t a distraction. I’m not desperate for self care or me time at this moment. Not the kind everyone talks about. When I feel overwhelmed I read God’s word and take 5 minutes to be alone. To think before I act or speak. I’m not perfect at all, goodness I’m not. But for me personally, this works. Right now. This is MY self care.

There’s a season to pick up an old hobby, a season to sleep for your sanity, a season to sit down and relax. A season to get all dressed up weekly for a date. A season to stay home, a season for running around being busy, a season for everything.

Right now this is mine. My season is temporary and I can see it passing by. One day I’ll have my me time everyone talks about, but for now my me time still desires to be in my home. And that’s ok. I’m ok.

Ecclesiastes 3:1There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:


2 thoughts on “My “ME”, time… Isn’t yours.”

  1. Thanks for writing this, I needed to hear this! I was battling the past few days with reminding myself why my career is not the most important at this point in my life. I realised 1st year in with our baby that date nights were not for us and my marriage is just fine after 7 yrs with children in our lives.


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