The rebellion in our children could turn out to be just what God uses


“Some of your children’s rebellion against your spiritual lifestyle might be a necessary step in their finding an authentic relationship with God. But beware: If they find it, it might look quite different from what you’ve always thought it should be.” – unknown

As my kiddos wait this morning for cookies (yup you read right) , I stare at them and remember when I was young. When I was rebellious and gave my poor parents a run for their money. I wish many times that I didn’t do all the things I did. I wish I could go back and redo everything the right way. BUT my rebellious nature lead me to have a super natural encounter with Christ. And it was real. It wasn’t because I was raised that way, or pushed that way. Though it helped! Do it! But It was real.

Take heart mama, us, the rebels at heart are sometimes the ones that when we turn to God, we don’t look back. That stubbornness, the “harshness,” all of it is turned and molded to serve God. It’s our nature to go against the waves. It might not look like what you thought their walk would look like but God is still there.

I always pray that my children love God more than me. That they make better choices than me. But only Lord knows what they need to go through to have a real relationship with him. Keep praying and don’t be upset if your child’s walk with the Lord is t what you thought it would be. If you live your life as an EXAMPLE, and you raise them up in the Lord, TRUST ME….we think about it as we make bad choices. We stay you feeling guilty because we know better. Keep praying, keep raising them up with your example and God’s word.

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

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