Multiplications through song, an easier way to learn

Today I want to share a very neat homeschool curriculum with y’all.

M U L T I P L I C A T I O N S ugh. For people like me they were no fun. Anyone else?


Did anyone have a hard time remembering multiplications as much as I did growing up? Man it was hard for me, but I learn through song and unfortunately there was nothing like THIS back in the day to help. And one of my kiddos learns well through song so this a MUST!


@thegoodandthebeautiful released their new multiplication curriculum so your kiddos can learn through song!! They are so catchy and short.

It comes with:

4 well made multiplication books

Hard box to hold books

Audio download for each book.

Like always they win when it comes to teaching in a wholesome way. It’s colorful, appealing to the eyes. My daughter’s LOVE how pretty the illustrations are. And the recordings are of people who can actually hold a good note. Ha!

The songs are short and sweet. They start off by singing a rhyme for certain numbers then they sing it again but with some missing lyrics for your kiddos to fill in. They are super catchy.


You know how our kiddos from a young age recognize songs like, “ABC”, ” the itsy bitsy spider”, ect, well that’s because we expose them to the songs from a young age even though they don’t understand fully. Well the same can be done with these. Instead of listening to the radio, put these on everyday and eventually your kiddos of ALL ages will learn them! By the time they are actually learning their multiplications, BAM! it will click and they will remember!


So if your child is like me and learns through song and is having a hard time with remembering their multiplications you might want to give this a go!

You can either download the whole curriculum for $18 or buy the physical set for $24.99!

So worth it!

Go to The Good & the Beautiful to get yours today!!


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