Bring happy motherhood back…

We always talk about the hard parts of motherhood. We all know it’s hard, we have made that super clear on social media. We have seen videos, read blogs, examined pictures, and the rawness of what it is like to be depended on. We talk about the mental, physical, emotional, drowning we experience when we become mothers. I’m so thankful we know that we’re NOT alone. That we are able to express the ugly parts and know that it’s not just one mom, but all who have hard parts. We have accomplished to expose the downs, and hard parts of this thing called motherhood.

But I often wonder if we can switch it up a bit now and talk about the beauty of it. The blessing of it, the reward, the happy moments? There is so much more to motherhood than expressing the dark parts of it. At least for me, I’ve had my fill of that side of motherhood. I want to fill up my mind and heart with the good now. I’ll always share the downs but I also feel we need to share the true happiness children bring.
Here, you see my happy boy, making a mess I watched him make. Though he’s insanely active, he was quiet as he played and he played for a solid 30ish min. I couldn’t help but realize that this mess IS happiness to him. And so as my eyes twitched at his mess.. I snapped a pic and smiled.
Happiness and motherhood, there’s alot more of it! #happymotherhoodagain

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