EO: weightloss trio


Woo, if you’re in the oily world y’all know this trio is no joke. If you’re not in the oily world, let me tell ya.  I did a little experiment with this trio to see if I felt different, or lost any weight. After two weeks I had lost 2 pounds. It might not be much but this mama was very happy about that step forward.

Weightloss pills many times have horrible ingredients and fillers that hurt your organs. According to futurerecoveryhealthcare.com: some of the popular ingredients in weight loss products have been banned by the FDA because of harmful side effects like these:

Increased heart rate.

High blood pressure.




Kidney problems.

Liver damage.

Rectal bleeding.

😮😥 Yeah no thanks.

Also I personally will never condone weightloss pills because it’s over all just not good to pop pills. The only pills I have ever taken are ones that work with my body and that supplimented nutrition. So when I found this, Yas! Not to mention each of these oils are super cheap to buy as extras . Peppermint comes in your kit too! I use my Essential rewards to get my other two and BAM!

This trio has only ONE ingredient. What it says they are.

This trio is the mother of assisting weightloss. Per FDA rules YL must have a different label to indicate you can ingest but in all, they are the SAME oil than are in the non white label. Also we’re GMO FREE! We’re certified y’all. Ok now on to how they work.

Peppermint 🌿helps to curve appetite, & helps with sugar cravings. I actually apply one drop to the roof of my mouth sometimes before bed to stop cravings.

Grapefruit🍊 jump starts you metabolism. I use to eat one every morning before breakfast and now I just do the drops, less time consuming. Just as affective.

Lemon 🍋helps to detox the body of all yuckiness. It’s super strong!

I bought little capsules and added 3 drops each and take them in the AM. You can also add them to a glass of water.

Are you ready!? Let do this thank y’all. I will give away 10 empty capsules when you order your kit so you can get started on making your body happy every morning!

Also when you Sign up you get a free gentle baby mix!


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