The Good & The Beautiful L.A curriculum preview

IMG_20190404_150936-01.jpegThe Good & The Beautiful makes THE best language arts course.
Hands down!

Every state is different so they have different state laws on what to teach. WA state requires us to teach 11 subjects and this curriculum has 6 of the subjects in ONE course. It’s open and go, it has amazing color and it truly is Good and beautiful. Each level is uniquely made to prepare them for the next. Creating a curriculum that teaches the child to be able to do it in their own as they reach a higher level. I prefer to do each lesson with my girls. Pictured above is their level 5!

I always highly recommend you take their Level assessmentfor language arts. Because their curriculum is a bit advance I urge you to have your child take their free assessment to determine their level. Just because your child is in 5th grade doesn’t mean he’s level 5. It’s very advance so please take the time to get your child assessed.

If you’re still debating whether or not to switch simply go check out their Website and take a peek at their samples.  Plus they just released a Multiplication songs curriculum! It’s super catchy!



They also have F R E E PDF files to print for free! Levels 1-5 are free to download, and currently their Marine Biology is also free! That’s right, free. As in you don’t pay. That means your print at home a well rounded truly beautiful curriculum for your child for FREE. Not to mention they have an ART curriculum for only $9. I downloaded it and printed it at home!

You know me and I’ll always encourage you to search for what’s best for your babes but do not pass this curriculum by. 99% of the people who I’ve shared it with that have switched love it!
Go check it out!!!!

As for us? We’re on to the next level! Now that my language arts is taken care of, time to plan our next school year.


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