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With a vision for diversity and a mission to get Young Living essential oils into the hands of all different ethnicities, we have united together to educate, share and empower people to join together in unity to impact and benefit their lives. We want to see health improved, lives changed, and generations impacted.

We want to show the diversity within our own team and inspire more and more people to be a part of it. All are welcome. And within that, we can build an empire together. Choosing to pursue your own business with YL can be a game changer for the trajectory for the rest of your life. It’s hustle and hard work and and incredibly rewarding.

We want to give you the tools and resources to make that happen and we want to do it with you. Join us. Join our team and let’s show the world with Unity Oils is really about.

Here are some of the incredible leaders on our team that are ready to walk this incredible journey with you! Read their stories, learn about their favorite oils and what they want to achieve in their Young Living businesses.



Hey ya’ll! My name is Diedre Anthony. I’m a farmer’s wife, blogger & mama to 3.

My profession is counseling, but it is truly a calling. I love educating, listening and encouraging people.

Since my husband became a farmer 4 years ago, our family has been on a dedicated journey to wellness. We are careful about the food we eat AND the products we use on our bodies, as well as what we use to clean our home.

I fell in love with Young Living after struggling with a sick child for a year. Using oils has added quality to my family’s life, and are a part of our everyday wellness routine.

As a farmer’s wife, I love their seed to seal promise–this means that their oils are 100% therapeutic grade and aren’t filled with dangerous chemicals and fillers.

I am passionate about educating families that investing in your wellness doesn’t have to break the bank and it’s truly for everyone! I want everyone to know that they are deserving of non-toxic lifestyle and it isn’t just for “some” people.

I’d love to talk more with you & share what oils can do for YOU and your family. Grab a seat at this amazingly diverse table!

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Hi my name’s Ana Nelson, mama to 4 babes and wife to my highschool sweetheart. I love gardens, homeschooling, reading history, and learning new things everyday. I also enjoy all types of chips. I don’t discriminate ha!

I’m passionate about health and sharing all things natural.

I’ve been using oils for a while and the more I learn about how amazing and powerful they are the more I want to share with everyone so they can also bless their families with them. I’ve successfully been able to replace my medicine cabinet, our household cleaners, our fragrances, our way of living and it’s all because I’ve fallen for these oils. That’s all I want for everyone, to truly see just how life changing natures gift of oils can be.

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Hello! I’m Denise Meridieth and I live in the Washington DC Metro Area – the Virginia side. I have to say, I’ve lived in this area all of my life but I’m still in awe of the history and the power of the Nation’s Capital. And I really love the diversity here.

I’m married to my absolute best friend, Dan, for almost 12 years. We pretty much do everything together. Work and play. He’s a transplant from California but he loves the East Coast. Together we have seven adult kids and seven grandkids. There’s never a dull moment! We are a blended family in a few ways – through marriage and through ethnicity. I am black, he is white. My kids are bi-racial, black + white + Native American.

It’s so hard to pick a favorite oil because the list is long but if I have to narrow it down I’d say – Blue Tansy. I’d pick that for just the smell alone but the benefits are so amazing, it’s hard not to love!

I’m excited to be apart of this group. I’ve been stagnant in my business because – life – but I’m grateful to Meghan for reaching out. It’s rekindled my excitement. I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone!

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Hey folks, I am a Gold leader with Young Living and had a vision of sharing a team of diversity with the world. God laid it on my heart and I didn’t know how it would all look but I just started. I reached out to the incredible women you see on this page here and asked them to join me in this mission. To show and share a team of a beautiful array of skin tones and inviting and welcoming others to join us. In a life of health and wellness with essential oils and in a pursuit of being kick booty entrepreneurs with building our own Young Living businesses together.

I asked them to be leaders in our community and show the world that essential oils are for everyone (not just white people, if I’m to be completely transparent.) And I am so honored that they each say, “YES!” This is where my heart is, this is what gets me excited. To join in UNITY to share OILS. I hope you’ll say “YES” too. There is room for more at the table. And there always will be.

All of these incredible women on this page are my team members and friends and I would love for you to read through their bio’s and join on of their teams which will automatically make you a part of my team as well. We are all in this together. Let’s thrive!



At a young age, my family instilled in me, the importance of love, loving everyone regardless of who they were, where they came from or what color their skin was.  I grew up in a small town in West Virginia and just recently moved to the big city of Raleigh, North Carolina with my boyfriend Adam. Adam is my island man and was born and raised in Trinidad.  I still smile when I think about how the man The lord created just for me, was at one time so far away for so long. Moving away from my family has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. Many others have done it, but living in a city without knowing a single soul really took a toll on my happiness. Adam knew first hand what it was like to move away from family. I couldn’t have done it without the love and support from him and my family.  Since joining Young Living I have met some of the most sweetest souls. They guide me, they comfort me, they ask me how my day was, and they are all either hundreds and some, thousands of miles away! I feel important, I feel motivated and all while making better lifestyle changes for Adam and I.  I choose this lifestyle for us and for our future children, who i will also pass along my love, for loving all.
We are here for you!

How good and pleasant it is when Gods  people live together in unity! Psalms 133:1

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I am Chiquta Harris and I am a wife of almost 11 years to my husband Jay and a mommy to my 3 gifts from God — Nylah, Jay, Jr., and Ariah. We currently live in the beautiful city of Wilmington, North Carolina.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, writing, blogging, traveling and spending time with my family. I also have interests in health, real estate and entrepreneurship. Additionally, I have a passion for community and sharing life with others by ways of encouragement and uplifting.

Christ has always been apart of my life. However, not until recently, I have been focused on getting to know and understand Jesus more relationally than religiously. It has been a liberating journey to say the least. I’ve become completely overwhelmed by His love and grace for me and I look forward to becoming the woman He’s creating me to be.

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Hello, My name is Alexis. I got married at the age of 19. Fast forward, 6 years later and we now have three children. I’m a stay at home and homeschooling mom. Jesus is life. I’m very passionate about sharing His love with others.

I also love all things health and wellness. Oils were a complete game charger for my family. Peppermint is my favorite oil. I use it for head tension and I love to diffuse it with Lime. I’ve learned so much since I’ve  joined Young Living. Now, I can’t stop sharing because I truly want to see oils in every home. I’m so excited to UNITE and be apart of this amazing team. What are you waiting for ? Come sit with us !


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Hi friends! I’m Carly — mama to Theo and wife to the most amazing man, Mike. We reside in good ole Rochester, MN and are currently in the process of renovating our home!

I’m a nurse by trade, ENFJ, enneagram 7, food lover, world traveler + always up for a new adventure.

I’ve been in to healthy living for as long as I can remember, but I started incorporating essential oils into my daily routine when I lived abroad doing missionary work. Now, our family has replaced all of the chemicals in our household + I can confidently say the investment in our health has changed our lives for the better. I’m super passionate about spreading wellness in all areas (nutrition, exercise, travel, natural medicine) + empowering others to research, learn more and take charge!

One of my very FAV products is the Thieves household cleaner. It’s a must have in our home + the absolute best when cleaning around my little guy. I also never go without Frankincense — #enoughsaid.

I have big dreams for this Young Living business and can’t wait to walk hand in hand with those who choose to say yes + catch on to the vision!

// The Lord has beautiful plans for this group. Unity Oils is all about embracing our differences, celebrating them and being a part of a community of movers + shakers. //

… For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland …
Isaiah 43:19



Hey y’all! My name is Jaalisa Banks, and I’m a southern girl trying to adjust to this Northern life! We moved our 5 kids, 2 dogs, and 2 cats from Arlington, TX to Crystal, MN in August of 2017 to join an incredible ministry.

We didn’t know what God had in store, but we just followed the path that he was clearly laying down in front of us, and we have had zero regrets since.

I have started up a business doing visual media, and it’s my absolute passion. I am able to work from home and control my schedule, and I love it. So naturally, oils falls in line with that.

I want to learn more about oils, and educate those around me about the benefits and everyday uses of them. I’m eager to know all the things, and am so excited to join this team!

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Hey there! I’m Gabrielle, a wife and mother of two beautiful kids, currently living in Indiana. My mission is to spread love, life and laughter across the world by simply living life out loud on camera.

I have a passion for health and wellness which led me to give essential oils a try. Although they are new to me, Thieves is by far my favorite and I’m looking forward to adding more to my list.  I’m excited to be apart of this team and share all the benefits that essential oils have to offer.



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Hey! My name is Leticia Ekube and I am born and raised in Beautiful Sonoma County California!! I am wife to my love Samuel and mom to 4 daughters Halle 14, Sara 10, Mia 5 & Chloe 3! I love cooking, entertaining, traveling and making lasting memories with my family and friends. About a year ago I purchased my PSK! I love making my own roller balls, experimenting with diffuser blends & basically finding new ways to ditch and switch to these amazing oils! My favorite product has to be the thieves cleaner! While I love the YL products my favorite thing has been the relationships I’ve made! I have met some amazingly supportive & inspiring people with great hearts! I am thrilled to share my love of this oily life!

To join Leticia’s team, click here.

D7603C56-D72B-4A29-9FE5-33EA0BAA4610 3.JPG


Hi friends! My name is Krista Happ, and I am a mama to one, wife to my bestie and Daughter of the King. I love getting out in the fresh air, making mud pies with my son, making messes in the kitchen & connecting with other kickbutt mamas like you! As both a teacher and mom raising a bilingual child, I am also incredibly passionate about raising a future generation that UNITES to not only love this planet that we’ve been given, but love on the people that are a part of it.

 I began walking the path of leading a more holistic lifestyle several years back when I learned I had an autoimmune condition and was simultaneously struggling to get pregnant. I was determined to make a change in my habits from eating to personal care to the products in our home, and I haven’t looked back since. Oils have only complimented my journey, and not only do I love having them on hand to support each and every member of my family, but I learn something new about the incredible array of uses for them each and every day. I have seen the power of making these changes in my own life first hand, and because of that, I have a heart for sharing in all things natural health and essential oils with others. Both are something that I truly believe all individuals deserve to have the opportunity to know about and access in their daily lives.

We’d love for you to come alongside us on this journey!

“Be doers of the word, not merely hearers.” – James 1:22

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FB page:

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Hi there! I’m Crystal and I’m a Minnesota gal. I am a wife, cat mom, and someday hope to be a mother. I’m a teacher during the day and an entrepreneur by night. It’s been such an incredible journey and just so excited to see where God leads me. I enjoy meeting new people, cooking, crafts, exercise, and traveling.

I was so blessed to be married to my best friend. We are two peas in a pod and just really enjoy life together. God, family/friends, and health are great importance to us. We both are enjoying the journey that Young Living has brought us on. Along the way I have started crafting and incorporating that into my young living business.

We bought  our first kit a few years ago in hopes to find natural ways to support our body. It has been fun learning, growing, and sharing with others. I enjoy educating and sharing the value in the oils and the why to make a life change. I also think health and wellness is a tough thing and I want to help be a supporter/motivator for others along this journey.

I’m excited for this group as the message is clear about coming together regardless of our differences. I think everyone brings something unique and a story to tell and I’m excited for this group to be an opportunity to open up share your story and to help inspire and watch/support others grow.

Oh and if you haven’t checked out the essential oil Myrtle… check it out! It’s like fruit loops in a bottle.

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Heyyy everyone!! My name is Anabelle Lerner, wife to an amazing husband + youth pastor Rich, mama to our miracle twin toddler boys Jadon + Ethan, and also fur-mama to three awesome pups! We were both raised in the southern shores of NJ + moved to the northwestern part of NJ by the beautiful mountains.

Jesus is everything to us — His grace + spending time with family + friends fuel me. I’m a foodie, love me a good book, nature + the outdoors, travel + adventure, thrift shopping, home decor, all things creative, health + wellness , and jamming out to some good tunes!

I have a degree in Finance + crunching numbers was my trade before I became a stay-at-home mama. I’ve always had this creative entrepreneurial spirit in me though. When I had my kiddos, God laid it on my heart to create + use my gifts right where I found myself in all the chaos of motherhood. After much prayer, I decided to start an e-commerce shop + wanted to use it as a platform to spread some joy + share the sweet, radical goodness of God with the world. There’s still a whole lot for me to learn about entrepreneurship, but through this venture, He’s led me to meet some awesome peeps + incredible mamas like Meghan!

It was perfect timing since I was actually doing my research on oils + was seeking natural alternatives for my son to support with muscle tension during therapy. I’m so grateful for YL oils because not only did it help my son, but it opened up a whole new world of wellness that I desired for my family.

There’s so many I love, but Panaway oil has my heart + made me into a believer of these oils—I also absolutely LOVE the Thieves line because it’s literally replaced ALL the chemical-filled products in our home!

Experiencing the benefits + power of these God-given plant juice has truly been a blessing + it’s empowered me to choose well for my family—And knowing what I know compels me to educate + share with others about this amazing lifestyle—that there is a better way + Young Living oils is seriously SO MUCH MORE than just oils! I’m super honored + excited to be a part of this great vision + to be linking arms with this group of beautiful + incredible women who share the same passion. Know that we are all here to walk this life-changing journey with you + there’s a seat waiting—come sit with us—you won’t regret it!

“Let all that you do be done in love” ~ 1 Corinthians 16:14 and “. . .do it all for the glory of God” ~ 1 Corinthians 10:31



To join Anabelle’s team, click here.

We’re so excited to have you be part of THIS family!

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