Men matter too


Sometimes, our husbands go through things they don’t want to share. Maybe they are embarrassed, maybe they don’t want to burden us. But our husbands go through trials/issues/hurts they need help with. We can not assume only women have trials. That since they are men, they don’t need help. False.

Being that Chris and I have almost been married 12 years… I’ve learned to examine him. I ask questions. I make sure to always want/do good for him. I am HIS helper. I make sure to make my home a place where he can find rest from the outside world. I’ve learned different ways to seek his heart. To help him understand whatever he’s going through as much as I’m able. Most importantly apart from praying with him and, for him, I’ve learned to not judge him. To not make his hurt less than mine because he’s a man. • • •

Our husbands have a need for us to have arms wide open to receive them after a long day. A listening ear without judgment. A wife who seeks God for wisdom to remind our husbands who they are in Jesus. How valuable they are. It’s not a man’s job to only support his wife mentally. It’s also a wife’s job to be his escape. Continually pointing him to Jesus. Continually seeking him out, asking God for wisdom on how to help us to get him to speak on what’s troubling him. •
I will never take my calling as a wife in vain. I will always do my best to be his calm place. I will strive to be the person he can open up to. The person he knows will always love him without judgment. •
Men matter, husbands are important, fathers are valuable. We need to actually start showing it. Today more than ever I choose to put myself second to him. Regardless to what our culture is teaching. I choose to follow God’s word because that will always satisfy.


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