Homeschool freedom series


Homeschooling, it’s hard. That’s the truth but there’s more to Homeschooling. There are so many reasons I absolutely love being able to teach my children at home.

One of my favorite is the FREEDOM we get.

The freedom to slow down, speed up, or stop when needed to examine our children’s hearts. The freedom to go to field trips, the freedom to go outside and play. The freedom to chase hard after our child’s interesting hobbies. The freedom to change the way we live. The freedom to teach our children life long lessons and not just repeating facts.


When I thought about the beauty of Homeschooling freedom I knew I wanted different perspectives as to WHY Homeschool freedom is beautiful. So I chose three amazing women to share with us what they love about Homeschool freedom. You’d be surprised because every single woman I’m about to share with you have 100% different lifestyles!


Homeschool freedom means each family can do as they please and these ladies do just that!


I can’t wait to share with you each one of their blogs here along with their social media so can give them a follow.

See you here every Friday this month to share an amazing mama on this series of “Homeschooling freedom.”

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