“Find yourself.” – don’t waste your time.


We see an epidemic of broken homes but no one wants to sacrifice to be the parent they need to be to raise the next generation. It starts at home. Everything is a stage, even being a parent to children at home. Way to many people are more concerned about what their dreams are to help shape their children.

Many parents are far more concerned about “finding themselves”, and lose their kids on that journey.

With this I don’t mean we shouldn’t do anything for ourselves, but we have glorified the whole “find yourself”, “self care”, to the point of making it THE most important over actually being there, flaws and all for our children.
Listen, you will NEVER find yourself unless you seek God and allow him to show you who he made you to be. He will show you your gifts, your talents. He will place where you need to be in the time that’s appropriate if you let him. So in short we’re wasting our time and dragging our children when we aren’t seeking God in who we are.
I know I’m MORE than a mother BUT right now? I am nothing BUT a mother and it’s a stage in life. I want to be here, I want to know that I DID my part in raising my kids.
I want to encourage you to ask God to help you see who you are. How you can use what he’s given you to raise your children. Trust me you’ll never regret spending time with your kids. Don’t get all caught up in the world’s trap of getting distracted from one of THE most beautiful callings. Raising the family you have.


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