Freedom in Homeschooling guest post by Elizabeth

Hey y’all! I’m Elizabeth, wife, mom to three kiddos, a pediatric RN for nearly a decade, and just finished our first year of homeschooling in May. I was born and raised in Alabama, but currently reside in south Texas. IG handle purelyparsons



When Ana approached me about this series on the freedom that is found in homeschooling, it was a no brainer for me to say yes. There are many reasons and convictions for why we homeschool. But we’re here to talk about what freedoms it allows. First, I know looking back on these years that I will never regret spending more time with my children. Sending them away for 40 hours a week for someone else to pour into and disciple them is hard for me to swallow. I want to be that person. I have many issues with the structure and format of traditional schooling, and love that homeschooling allows for me to cater to my own individual child’s talent, skill, and passion. Every student is different and learns in different ways. Some kids thrive off of workbooks, while others enjoy hands on learning.  Some need to fidget while they learn. Some need frequent mental breaks while some can work straight through. Some need to be pushed and challenged (my oldest) while others are sensitive and need constant encouragement (my middle). Homeschooling gives me the freedom to assess this as on an individual basis and work one on one with them. And can I just say – the joy you get when you see something finally click with your child that they have been struggling with – it is indescribable. As I type these words, I tear up at the memory of my oldest when she was learning how to read and exclaimed, “mommy, I did it! I’m reading!” Woo. That’s the good stuff, y’all!


Just the other day I was doing a reading lesson with my 5-year-old. After reading a sight word, she would tell me how it is used in a sentence and then jump up and act that sentence out. Homeschool gave her the freedom to do that without being chastised for not staying in her seat. She was able to use one part of her brain to read the word, and then use another part to creatively act it out.


Homeschooling also gives us the room to be flexible. We have a general goal each day, but if something else comes up or an interest in a certain subject is peaked, we can spend time sitting in that. We were on a walk last week and there were so many cicada shells around our neighborhood. All three kids were fascinated and were asking questions about them that I could not answer. Why did they do that? Where did they go? What was the hole at the top? So, what did we do?  We came home and did a science lesson on cicadas! I learned that it was called ‘molting’. We watched a few you tube videos of the actual process and each child – even the 21-month-old – was captivated. I love that through this journey, even the teacher learns!

Homeschooling gives me the freedom to work as a nurse as much or as little as I want to. Later on, down the road when my children are older, I see myself working more. They can attend co op 2 days a week while I work, and I can teach them at home the other days. But for now, working one day a week is a perfect balance for us.


Another area of homeschooling that I do not take for granted is the ability to s l o w down. In today’s culture, being rushed and busy is the status quo. But for me, I love our slow mornings. I love that we can snuggle on the couch still in our PJ’s at 10 am and have our Bible time. I enjoy making a quality breakfast for my children each morning and allowing them the time to eat it. I have felt the pressure and stress to get all of my children out the door in the morning by a certain time and let me tell you – it is not for the faint of heart! I do not desire that for our current season.


Above all – we homeschool because it is what we have been called to do – in this season. I am pouring into these children and giving them a solid foundation of Biblical truth. I want to be responsible for correcting behavior and all the messy things. I want to be the sole partaker in the joy that comes through skills learned. I want to be the one that teaches them to make bread, to read, to love well, to apologize when needed, and to dance to jock jams like no one is watching. 😉 My motto in homeschooling is and has always been that it is not my passion, it is my conviction. And so here we stand, and here we will stay – until the Lord gives us freedom to go a different direction – or not. The Lord does not call the equipped – He equips the called. ❤



Thank you Elizabeth,  if you haven’t, go follow her on IG! She is also a fellow natural mama and her Instagram is FILLED with valuable information!

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