Freedom in Homeschooling by Jessica

Jessica is a wife and homeschooling mother of six living on a small homestead in Northwest Ohio.
She documents her journey Instagram you won’t be sorry. I will say she’s MY favorite to follow!

There are many reasons why we homeschool, but the freedom it affords us plays a huge role in our decision. As a homesteading family, we need to be home to care for our land and animals, and homeschooling gives us the simplicity and flexibility to do just that. We don’t have a lot of commitments and activities fracturing our family and pulling us away from home, and I don’t see large family homesteading working well for us any other way.


Our lives tend to revolve around the seasonal changes and the work they bring us. The traditional school calendar, which has classes beginning in early fall and ending in late spring, doesn’t benefit us. As everyone else begins the back-to-school rush in the fall, we find ourselves busy with harvests, canning, and other food preservation to prepare for winter. We also find ourselves very busy with planting through the spring and with plenty of time on our hands in early summer. The freedom to create our own academic calendar around our chores is the only reason we are able to live this lifestyle and accomplish our work.
On the homestead we find so many opportunities to teach academics through real life application, whether it’s the science behind growing our food, the math involved in calculating feed costs or production, the chemistry of making soap, or the physics of felling a tree for woodburning. Homeschooling provides us with the freedom to use the world as our classroom, teaching not only academic subjects, but also life skills and character qualities as the children work on the farm alongside my husband and me.
Another aspect of homeschooling that I love is that it gives my children the freedom to be children – to spend their days reading outdoors under trees or even climbing them for fun, without worldly pressure to conform or grow up too fast. My children have responsibilities around the homestead and with their schoolwork, but they also have the opportunity to work at their own pace, in a method that suits them best, and in an environment full of the love and comfort that only family gives. Childhood is a precious thing and I am thankful that homeschooling provides my babies with a chance to experience it in such a beautiful way, with their siblings by their sides.
Most importantly, homeschooling for our family is about the freedom to include Jesus Christ at the center of everything we teach. We can select curricula and present lessons from a Biblical worldview, emphasizing the values we cherish. Our children are free to grow in Christ in a safe place, without the pressures of the world there to deceive or confuse them as they are growing in discernment.
Our days on the homestead are full of hard work, but we feel free – free to create our own schedule, learn where and how we want to, and simplify things as needed. We felt called to this lifestyle to get back to the basics of life – Jesus, family, and hard work. None of that would be possible for us without the freedom homeschooling has given us.

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