Welcome to my everyday life as a mom and wife 

I’m a Wife and a Mother, longing to fulfill God’s will in my life. All of my life, every small and big part. I share all of my struggles and my victories. My good and bad. From my walk with Jesus to products we love. This is my online diary, of finding Grace and glorifying God in it all.

             Welcome to my everyday life 

 So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.  1 Corinthians 10:31

** Some blogs contain affiliated links, where I receive a small portion of payment when clicked or used to purchase.

** You can find ALL my blogs under categories, I have a Motherhood section, wife, and working on other everyday categories like: homeschooling, random everyday events and posts I feel to share along with reviews on my favorite products.

16 thoughts on “Welcome to my everyday life as a mom and wife ”

  1. I am hurting alot and your writing has eased my pain. You are blessed and I am hoping to forgive my transgressors so that god will continue to open doors for me and forgive me two. I have two beautiful daughters and we will soon be alone … me after 21 yrs and then after 11 yrs. I am not married but love with their dad. He wants us gone. He is having an affair with a co-worker who is 20 yrs younger than him -21 to his 41. I am forgiving them to be able to move on.

    Pray for me and my girls.


  2. Im so happy you invited me to this page, it serves as a great inspiration for all mothers young and old, God bless you.


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