Advent calendar week 

I've been so busy lately but I was able to capture some clips of the last week of advent calendar activities.  Day 5 : "Happy birthday dad, let's go get a tree".  We have a tradition in our family where every year on my husband's birthday we go get our tree but we realized our… Continue reading Advent calendar week 

Advent day 3& 4 with a yucky cake 

I won't ever pretend to be this perfect home maker and to prove it, I'll share a little story with you all.  As part of our advent calendar event we decided to bake something and that something was going to be my husband's F A V O R I T E cake. Carrot cake. So… Continue reading Advent day 3& 4 with a yucky cake 

Advent day two 

Good morning all, Ok day two of this advent calendar tradition and we made our arts and crafts last night. We had to choose between a reindeer or a Christmas tree and we chose the reindeer. To keep up feel free to read here 😊 It was so much fun to make a mess and see how… Continue reading Advent day two 

Advent tradition & day one 

Advent, there's a huge controversy over this. Should we celebrate it or not as Christians? Being that it started as a Catholic tradition... like marriage and other holidays. I love this source as it's been found to be theologically accurate: Advent calendars, used to count down the days till Christmas, are popular in many homes.… Continue reading Advent tradition & day one