“Find yourself.” – don’t waste your time.

We see an epidemic of broken homes but no one wants to sacrifice to be the parent they need to be to raise the next generation. It starts at home. Everything is a stage, even being a parent to children at home. Way to many people are more concerned about what their dreams are to… Continue reading “Find yourself.” – don’t waste your time.

Set me free

Children are such a blessing, but many times my heart aches and I find myself praying over then with tears in my eyes because this world is so full of people that could harm them. It literally gives me anxiety, takes my breath away, keeps me awake at night, makes me weak, steals my joy.… Continue reading Set me free

Absolutely nothing without God

I was thinking last night about my walk with Jesus. You know what? I've come a very long way from the young 16 year old girl who was to become a mother. That 16 year old wife. - I'm now 28, going on 29 this year, and I look back and think just how much… Continue reading Absolutely nothing without God

To the shy, introvert mom. Us extrovert moms just need 2 minutes.

Today my oldest daughter who is 11 learned a lesson. A lesson I didn't want her to learn to quickly. Though life is tough and I'm all about not raising a child who drowns in the murky puddles of life.... Sometimes it's sad watching them learn. I'm the type of friend who's door is always… Continue reading To the shy, introvert mom. Us extrovert moms just need 2 minutes.

Happy mother’s day

Happy mother's day, let us remember to chase after the Lord. Let us be women who aren't distracted so much that we can no longer hear the Holy Spirit. Let us be women who rise up and go against the flow of this world. Let us be women who aren't afraid to step up and… Continue reading Happy mother’s day

Why self care isn’t always a priority

There are some seasons where we are called to serve others so much that our, self care is forgotten. What if I told you, that's ok. It's not always about you. Truly. That's so hard to read especially because we live in a world that preaches the opposite. Now, this doesn't mean to never have… Continue reading Why self care isn’t always a priority

Bring happy motherhood back…

We always talk about the hard parts of motherhood. We all know it's hard, we have made that super clear on social media. We have seen videos, read blogs, examined pictures, and the rawness of what it is like to be depended on. We talk about the mental, physical, emotional, drowning we experience when we… Continue reading Bring happy motherhood back…

The rebellion in our children could turn out to be just what God uses

"Some of your children's rebellion against your spiritual lifestyle might be a necessary step in their finding an authentic relationship with God. But beware: If they find it, it might look quite different from what you've always thought it should be." - unknown As my kiddos wait this morning for cookies (yup you read right)… Continue reading The rebellion in our children could turn out to be just what God uses

*** N E W S ***

Y'all I have some really big changes happening, not only in our life but my social media. My website is going to be under construction for all of April for a, "new", look. I'll be rearranging it all. Working on YouTube content all of April and also changing the look of it. And writing new… Continue reading *** N E W S ***

My “ME”, time… Isn’t yours.

My face when people tell me that I need to find some, "me, time. When people tell me to have weekly date nights. My face when people suggest I should send my kids to public school so I can have more free time to make ," me", happy. Though they mean well, and I believe… Continue reading My “ME”, time… Isn’t yours.