Essential oils


I love all things natural, except for some chips, and a few other things I’d say I’m a natural gal, inimy food choices, my lifestyle, and especially the way I treat illness at home. I stated my natural journey in 2013 and fell completely in awe of the herbs/plants/minerals that God in his infinite wisdom left us to use. It’s amazing! I can’t imagine not knowing about them.

I started using essential oils after fighting the thought that they were a scam. So I decided to buy my starter kit in hopes to derail the oils and tell the world that it’s all a scam. To my surprise I found out that it was quite the opposite. Because if you know me, you know in not only a nature lover, I’m a rebel at heart . As in, if I see a scam I’m quick to tell everyone so they don’t fall for it. I go against the current, against what’s popular, and cool.

After falling completely in love with my oils I decided to see what I can use them for, in my everyday lifeF and what I could replace  I knew they were the real deal. From sleeping aid to weighweigh support I use them all. Got a toothache? I got you. Are you in labor and need to keep those contractions going? Hello Clary Sage. Headaches? Digestion issues? There’s an oil blend for that and I can help you learn.

I’ve successfully learned to use my oils and continue to learn so I can not only help my family thrive but others. Since I’m a nature lover and love all things God created to heal us it made sense to me to join a community that believes it too.

The source of your oils truly do matter. Finding a good company is hard when they all claim to have the best oils, I get it. But just like food, knowing the source is vital. If you could would you buy groceries from a farm? Fresh, non GMO, and being able to know you can visit the farm to see where your groceries all came from? Or would you still buy from the store who bought that apple from who knows what farm?

This is the difference that made me choose Young living oils. I had bought other oils but didn’t feel what they claimed to do, until I used YL. I’ll stand by that one 100% on the quality!

So if you want to take a step to a more natural lifestyle I’m here for ya! Let’s do this!!

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