The Good & The Beautiful L.A curriculum preview

The Good & The Beautiful makes THE best language arts course. Hands down! Every state is different so they have different state laws on what to teach. WA state requires us to teach 11 subjects and this curriculum has 6 of the subjects in ONE course. It's open and go, it has amazing color and… Continue reading The Good & The Beautiful L.A curriculum preview

Absolutely nothing without God

I was thinking last night about my walk with Jesus. You know what? I've come a very long way from the young 16 year old girl who was to become a mother. That 16 year old wife. - I'm now 28, going on 29 this year, and I look back and think just how much… Continue reading Absolutely nothing without God

To the shy, introvert mom. Us extrovert moms just need 2 minutes.

Today my oldest daughter who is 11 learned a lesson. A lesson I didn't want her to learn to quickly. Though life is tough and I'm all about not raising a child who drowns in the murky puddles of life.... Sometimes it's sad watching them learn. I'm the type of friend who's door is always… Continue reading To the shy, introvert mom. Us extrovert moms just need 2 minutes.

Happy mother’s day

Happy mother's day, let us remember to chase after the Lord. Let us be women who aren't distracted so much that we can no longer hear the Holy Spirit. Let us be women who rise up and go against the flow of this world. Let us be women who aren't afraid to step up and… Continue reading Happy mother’s day

Essential oils, why I chose this brand.

If you haven't, go check out my essential oil Instagram page. Let's get this category going. Listen y'all, it 👏 doesn't 👏 matter👏 what👏anyone 👏 says. ✓✓ Where your oils come from, MATTERS! - - - The same way you WANT to know the source of your food. Who raised it, what they were fed, how… Continue reading Essential oils, why I chose this brand.

Health starts with your teeth. CariPro electric toothbrush GIVEAWAY!

"Did you know that your oral health offers clues about your overall health — or that problems in your mouth can affect the rest of your body?". - Mayo clinic Oral health is so important, and as always I look for the best products to help myself and my family. Our family includes 6 total but… Continue reading Health starts with your teeth. CariPro electric toothbrush GIVEAWAY!

EO: weightloss trio

Woo, if you're in the oily world y'all know this trio is no joke. If you're not in the oily world, let me tell ya.  I did a little experiment with this trio to see if I felt different, or lost any weight. After two weeks I had lost 2 pounds. It might not be… Continue reading EO: weightloss trio

Letting our husband lead & putting our prideful know it all attitude aside

"Trust me, it's now or never," said my husband. Anyone else a strong willed woman reading this? I am. Many times it can get me in trouble when it comes to letting my husband lead. Woman's intuition!  I preach at him. Disregarding his role as the leader, a position given by our Lord God. Woman's… Continue reading Letting our husband lead & putting our prideful know it all attitude aside

Essential oil giveaway!

  🎉GIVEAWAY TIME Y'ALL 🎉 - In honor of miss Addy turning 3 months old today, I will be giving away (6) gentle baby samples this month! Give yourself the gift of health this mother's day and get a plus for your babes. FIRST 3 will get huge rollers. Last three will get the droppers… Continue reading Essential oil giveaway!

Why self care isn’t always a priority

There are some seasons where we are called to serve others so much that our, self care is forgotten. What if I told you, that's ok. It's not always about you. Truly. That's so hard to read especially because we live in a world that preaches the opposite. Now, this doesn't mean to never have… Continue reading Why self care isn’t always a priority