Homeschool curriculum 2017-2018 

Alright so as many of you know, we decided to homeschool the girls if you haven't already please feel free to read up on that here.  After so many late nights of reading reviews, reading on my children's learning styles and praying. We have decided on the curriculum we will be using this year, I say… Continue reading Homeschool curriculum 2017-2018 

Why we love bullies 

My daughter started school September 1st this year as a kindergartener, she was so excited and so thrilled, that is until her first day was over. I realized she looked sad and I asked how it went, if she made any buddies... Her response is one that boils any parent's blood. "A girl pushed me,… Continue reading Why we love bullies 

Back to school prayer 

 This year I will have a full time kindergarten child and a second grader in school. I just wanted to write a small post to share a prayer for the children going back to school and those who will enter for the first year. I know it's difficult and here my precious mothers are a… Continue reading Back to school prayer