When money’s tight during the Christmas season…

A few weeks ago I got a message from a woman who poured her heart to me about money, holidays, brokenness, her children, and her bank account. It's not very unusual for me to get these types of messages as I'm an open book to always point back to Jesus. I get messages from a… Continue reading When money’s tight during the Christmas season…

Advent calendar week 

I've been so busy lately but I was able to capture some clips of the last week of advent calendar activities.  Day 5 : "Happy birthday dad, let's go get a tree".  We have a tradition in our family where every year on my husband's birthday we go get our tree but we realized our… Continue reading Advent calendar week 

Advent day 3& 4 with a yucky cake 

I won't ever pretend to be this perfect home maker and to prove it, I'll share a little story with you all.  As part of our advent calendar event we decided to bake something and that something was going to be my husband's F A V O R I T E cake. Carrot cake. So… Continue reading Advent day 3& 4 with a yucky cake 

Advent day two 

Good morning all, Ok day two of this advent calendar tradition and we made our arts and crafts last night. We had to choose between a reindeer or a Christmas tree and we chose the reindeer. To keep up feel free to read here 😊 It was so much fun to make a mess and see how… Continue reading Advent day two 

Advent tradition & day one 

Advent, there's a huge controversy over this. Should we celebrate it or not as Christians? Being that it started as a Catholic tradition... like marriage and other holidays. I love this source as it's been found to be theologically accurate: Advent calendars, used to count down the days till Christmas, are popular in many homes.… Continue reading Advent tradition & day one