Shades + Stone

SHADES + STONE {{A UNITED COLLECTIVE}} With a vision for diversity and a mission to get Young Living essential oils into the hands of all different ethnicities, we have united together to educate, share and empower people to join together in unity to impact and benefit their lives. We want to see health improved, lives… Continue reading Shades + Stone

Essential oils, why I chose this brand.

If you haven't, go check out my essential oil Instagram page. Let's get this category going. Listen y'all, it 👏 doesn't 👏 matter👏 what👏anyone 👏 says. ✓✓ Where your oils come from, MATTERS! - - - The same way you WANT to know the source of your food. Who raised it, what they were fed, how… Continue reading Essential oils, why I chose this brand.

EO: weightloss trio

Woo, if you're in the oily world y'all know this trio is no joke. If you're not in the oily world, let me tell ya.  I did a little experiment with this trio to see if I felt different, or lost any weight. After two weeks I had lost 2 pounds. It might not be… Continue reading EO: weightloss trio

Essential oil giveaway!

  🎉GIVEAWAY TIME Y'ALL 🎉 - In honor of miss Addy turning 3 months old today, I will be giving away (6) gentle baby samples this month! Give yourself the gift of health this mother's day and get a plus for your babes. FIRST 3 will get huge rollers. Last three will get the droppers… Continue reading Essential oil giveaway!

I owe it to you all… sharing my heart once again

Today I’m really thinking about the future. I’m not stressing about it but I’m definitely thinking about it. Every day has its worries as scripture says so why worry about tomorrow? Such a HARD thing to NOT do. At least for me. However a wise man plans for the future right? To leave their children… Continue reading I owe it to you all… sharing my heart once again