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Why we’re skipping the co-op & “socializing” this year

I thought long and hard about this “issue”, you know the one where people say homeschoolers are not socialized. How they are super weird and awkward… when you mention homeschooling that’s the first thing people ask about but it’s the … Continue reading

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Why being busy is hurting you

*phew* Life can get so crazy sometimes… all the time. With all the rushing and busy schedules that we shouldn’t have, we find ourselves in a place where we feel so lost. Without peace. Do you feel so overwhelmed? Like … Continue reading

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When you’re tired of doing good

Have you ever found yourself tired of serving others, perhaps you are just tired of doing good to those who take advantage of you? Maybe you’re tired of doing your best to love people who just don’t care about you? Or … Continue reading

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Former church girl (guest post by:Vanessa Annelies)

I’m excited to introduce my very first Collab Guest. I hope her words fill your heart as it has mine, ladies please welcome Vanessa from ” Pear Sisters”. Vanessa Annelies is a daughter of Zion, watchman and intercessor who uses her … Continue reading

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The compare games 

Being a mom in a world that loves to compare is very hard, am I right? If I’m not 80 pounds, look like a model and decorate like Martha steward according to myself I’m not a “good mom, I’m worthless”. Surrounded … Continue reading

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Confessions of a selfish mother 

Their soft brown, freshly curled hair from braids blew in the wind as they splashed and played in the little pool we had bought them earlier this summer. The way they smiled and laughed made me smile ear to ear. … Continue reading

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Seeking Godly examples changed my heart forever

Brace yourselves, this is a long one. For as long as I can remember I have been the type of person who got along with anyone and everyone, you could put me in a room full of strangers and I … Continue reading

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