Ugly beautiful by Brandie McIntosh

Brandi McIntosh lives in the hills of central Texas with her husband Dan of 16 years, 4 kids, and a few farm animals.  The slow, simple life suits them just fine, a life in which they make time and space for what matters most.  Brandi can often be found behind a camera lens, wandering outdoors… Continue reading Ugly beautiful by Brandie McIntosh


How I learned to love myself.

Today as I write this, I know I will push many buttons and people might not even finish reading this. I thought long about writing this and I've come to the conclusion that we need to realize we are being fed lies as woman of God. From people who claim to love God. On my… Continue reading How I learned to love myself.

Galatians: peace and patience 

To catch up on the last few weeks of this mini series you can start here. Two weeks ago we talked about Love, last week I poured my heart about Joy. This week I want to write and remind myself about two fruits that go hand in hand.                    … Continue reading Galatians: peace and patience 

Playing the Holy Spirit 

“That’s not Godly” “Hmm, you are not in God’s will” “Pretty sure God would disapprove” “Did you read the bible already?” “Have you prayed?” “How many times have you prayed?” “That’s a sin!” “Why are you ignoring me!” My husband would just roll his eyes and take deep breaths. He would have to hear this… Continue reading Playing the Holy Spirit 

Asking for forgiveness, for not forgiving.

Lately I have not been able to sleep well. My thoughts swim in a current of memories I wish I could forget. If I could just forget them, I'd be able to move on. I feel a heavy weight on me, like that of an elephant sitting on my chest. My breaths are short, my… Continue reading Asking for forgiveness, for not forgiving.

Is that you, Holy Spirit? 

There is a little voice inside, and it says many things. I must admit that they are not always things I want to acknowledge I heard. " Invite her over for lunch", it says.  * I don't want to little voice, she has hurt my feelings in the past and I don't want to confront that,… Continue reading Is that you, Holy Spirit? 

The naked Christian 

This blog is based on MY personal convictions as a Christian wife and mother, what I have learned from the convictions and the benefits from being obedient to those convictions. As embarrassed as I am to post this, I'm being 100% transparent and honest. So here it goes.    I was raised by a very modest… Continue reading The naked Christian