The Good & The Beautiful L.A curriculum preview

The Good & The Beautiful makes THE best language arts course. Hands down! Every state is different so they have different state laws on what to teach. WA state requires us to teach 11 subjects and this curriculum has 6 of the subjects in ONE course. It's open and go, it has amazing color and… Continue reading The Good & The Beautiful L.A curriculum preview


Multiplications through song, an easier way to learn

Today I want to share a very neat homeschool curriculum with y'all. M U L T I P L I C A T I O N S ugh. For people like me they were no fun. Anyone else? Did anyone have a hard time remembering multiplications as much as I did growing up? Man it… Continue reading Multiplications through song, an easier way to learn

Why we’re skipping the co-op & “socializing” this year

I thought long and hard about this "issue", you know the one where people say homeschoolers are not socialized. How they are super weird and awkward... when you mention homeschooling that's the first thing people ask about but it's the last thing I think about. Now don't get me wrong, children need interaction and the… Continue reading Why we’re skipping the co-op & “socializing” this year

The reason for this curriculum season

Motherhood is tiring but this season is to wonderful to let it get in the way. So while I nurture a little tiny one to grow, I want to do the same for my older girls. I want to nurture them spiritually; and what better season than this?! This month of December I’m going to… Continue reading The reason for this curriculum season

Homeschool curriculum 2017-2018 

Alright so as many of you know, we decided to homeschool the girls if you haven't already please feel free to read up on that here.  After so many late nights of reading reviews, reading on my children's learning styles and praying. We have decided on the curriculum we will be using this year, I say… Continue reading Homeschool curriculum 2017-2018 

How we learn multiplications 

I'm not sure about you but multiplication was always something I struggle with at school. When Evelyn started learning her multiplications she ran into the same problem as I did when I was a child, the girl learns the same way I do repetitive and spiral learning with hands-on, something public school wasn't doing for… Continue reading How we learn multiplications 

What we’re doing for homeschool 

I was asked to share some of the things we do for our homeschool. I will share curriculum and things we do outside of paper work, like art and music.  I really want to be able to share what we do for our first year and also receive advise on curriculum. To share what works… Continue reading What we’re doing for homeschool 

Why we’re choosing to homeschool our children 

I remember it being the start of the school year; September 16th, 2016. I recall having this question on my mind: "Why and who decided that our children have to leave every year, to a building filled with other children to be taught what they could essentially learn from home? Being exposed to groups of people… Continue reading Why we’re choosing to homeschool our children