Set me free

Children are such a blessing, but many times my heart aches and I find myself praying over then with tears in my eyes because this world is so full of people that could harm them. It literally gives me anxiety, takes my breath away, keeps me awake at night, makes me weak, steals my joy.… Continue reading Set me free

Absolutely nothing without God

I was thinking last night about my walk with Jesus. You know what? I've come a very long way from the young 16 year old girl who was to become a mother. That 16 year old wife. - I'm now 28, going on 29 this year, and I look back and think just how much… Continue reading Absolutely nothing without God

A birthday letter to my Sadie little lady 

I can't believe my Sadie is seven years old, I feel like every mom on the face of this earth feels the way I do every time their child's birthday comes around.  Every year I thank God for my little girls and this year is no different. After having Evelyn I was sure I only… Continue reading A birthday letter to my Sadie little lady 

When nightmares attack me, Lord you are there 

These last few months have been spiritually scary for me, never in my life have I had such terrible nightmares about my children. I wake up with fear and constantly cry over the images that run through my mind like a movie playing over and over again. A lot of the times in my dreams… Continue reading When nightmares attack me, Lord you are there 

Praying for our children 

As a young child I remember my mom kneeling at her bed side everyday and I would sit by her and listen to her words of desperate need to her creator. She would say: "Lord, I pray over my children in your Son's holy powerful name, who's name is above all name. I pray my… Continue reading Praying for our children