Gender reveal for baby 4…

Guess what everyone ? If you aren't following along on my Instagram you missed it! We found out that our #4 baby is a.... GIRL! We are so happy to welcome baby girl to our family! This will probably get old for you guys, but for me this is insane! I’m a mother of 4.… Continue reading Gender reveal for baby 4…

Then there were 6…. guess what?!

Well the cat is out of the bag, we are officially expecting baby #4! I posted a pregnancy test video on my vlog along with a pregnancy announcement for my family and you can check it all out there. We are so super excited for this new adventure and as always we pray the Lord… Continue reading Then there were 6…. guess what?!

The mother of all series: Rebekah

Hey guys! I'm Rebekah Laskowski over at @rebekahlaskowksi IG, mama to three earthside kiddos, and one still cooking. I was so honored when Ana reached out to me about writing a piece for her motherhood series, and honestly a little nervous! Motherhood is such a special time for us women, it's so hard to put… Continue reading The mother of all series: Rebekah

For my mama’s trying to conceive. 

I haven't been able to sleep well the past few weeks and last night specifically, I stayed up thinking about how fast this year went by. A certain group of people came to mind and I just couldn't shake them off my mind. I stayed up thinking and asking God for them, I ask God… Continue reading For my mama’s trying to conceive. 

Sweet pea baby 3 

After thinking about it, I would like to just share that I will be blogging about this pregnancy.  Now, it won't be much but it will be once a month as baby grows, and as I grow into a mother of three children. I will be posting gender, milestones, my worries and our victories in… Continue reading Sweet pea baby 3 

Why we had a Vasectomy Reversal

For those of you who don't know, my husband had a vasectomy about 4 years ago when him and I decided that we only wanted 2 little girls because that would give us the ability to buy more material possessions. <<< sadly a true statement. At this point in our lives we were nowhere near… Continue reading Why we had a Vasectomy Reversal

The teenage pregnancy experience

I learned many things from being a "16 & pregnant" statistic. Things I now use to defend young mothers who have known this hurt all to well. Teenage moms who already feel the pain without having people telling them to feel it. Experiences that will forever be burnt in to my mind but by God' grace… Continue reading The teenage pregnancy experience