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1 easy way to simplify your walk with Jesus and why it might hurt your feelings

Correction. It feels terrible sometimes. But the Bible says it’s GOOD! The Bible says that those that the Lord loves, he disciplines right? Many times it hurts our feelings when we are corrected, err I should say our ego. But … Continue reading

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Why being busy is hurting you

*phew* Life can get so crazy sometimes… all the time. With all the rushing and busy schedules that we shouldn’t have, we find ourselves in a place where we feel so lost. Without peace. Do you feel so overwhelmed? Like … Continue reading

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Life is not perfect, but God is and that’s good enough for me. 

Recently I was sent not one but three lengthy messages from others who said my life was perfect and how this and that and how they wished this and that… here is the problem.. my life is not perfect. If … Continue reading

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Trusting God with your dreams by Audrey Grace 

I am so excited to share this young woman with you, when I say young I don’t mean to be polite I really mean young. At only 17 years of age and with these words to share, I love knowing … Continue reading

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3 Ways to help your Husband with Stress/Anger by Chris Nelson

Listen without trying to fix it.  What I mean by that is, when a man is angry or stressed or needs to talk about his day at work with his wife, do what you ladies want us to do, and … Continue reading

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Back to school prayer 

 This year I will have a full time kindergarten child and a second grader in school. I just wanted to write a small post to share a prayer for the children going back to school and those who will enter … Continue reading

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I feel like Shrek 

Yes it is true, I feel like shrek. Remember that part where Shrek says “Ogres have layers”, and comes up with this analogy that he’s like an onion? That’s me.    Psalm 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O … Continue reading

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The post mom’s want to hear but can’t accept. 

    I got on my knees and asked the lord to help me stay calm and be gentle with my words and even face expressions, my daughters were just being children. I, on the other hand was being a not … Continue reading

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