Galatians: kindness, goodness & gentleness 

Ladies I hope you find yourself well this day as we get ready to read three of the fruits of the Spirit. When I was meditating on kindness, goodness and gentleness I thought did I have any of these before I had Jesus? The answer is a bit confusing at first as I tried to… Continue reading Galatians: kindness, goodness & gentleness 

Back to school prayer 

 This year I will have a full time kindergarten child and a second grader in school. I just wanted to write a small post to share a prayer for the children going back to school and those who will enter for the first year. I know it's difficult and here my precious mothers are a… Continue reading Back to school prayer 

There’s a void in the heart 

Can I share something with you? I was raised christian and I truly loved the lord but didn't have a relationship with him. Salvation is personal and eventhough my parents served in church and even were pastors at one point, that still didn't save me. I had an emptiness in my heart. I looked for… Continue reading There’s a void in the heart